How Many Years’ Experience Should I Look for In an Accident Lawyer?


When it comes to choosing a lawyer to process your claim, the more years they have under their belt the better. The more experienced lawyer will always be best-placed to help you, since they will have helped many, many clients before.

In an ideal world, you will find a lawyer to process your claim who is highly experienced in terms of years served, with a stellar reputation. However, such lawyers are hard to find and especially so in personal injury law. Because of this, it’s worthwhile also considering the case experience of a lawyer, as opposed to their years of experience.

How to find a lawyer?

You should start your search with a reputable law firm, such as It is recommended by us that you assess each law firm you are interested in individually, and perform research to see what has been said about them historically. For this, you can use Google, by searching for “law firm + reviews”. It is also a good idea to look at each law firm’s social media pages, if applicable, to see what people are saying in the comments, and to see if any real reviews have been posted by customers.

Case experience

By looking at lawyers by their case experience, it is a lot easier to find somebody to represent you who specialises in your kind of injury or accident. For instance, a lawyer may have 20 years’ experience, but that experience may be in road traffic accident claims, while you may have been injured in an accident at work.

Ideally, you should choose a lawyer who has processed at least a handful of cases that are like your own – and successfully. You can assess the success of a lawyer, by asking them for their ‘success rate’, which is a percentage of the amount of cases they have won.

Years’ experience

As previously mentioned, case experience can be better than years’ experience. Another reason why this is the case, is because laws change. So, for example, a lawyer with 20 years’ experience that ended 10 years ago, will not be as effective as an up to date lawyer.

Having said that, a lawyer who has practiced personal injury law for 30 years and is up to date with the law, is undoubtedly the most qualified person to take your claim on, if they have experience in your kind of accident and injury. Such lawyers are hard to find, but if you do find one, you will be in the best position to win your personal injury claim. To find lawyers with such a calibre, follow our tips above under the heading ‘how to find a lawyer’.