Property development mortgages are taken out by developers involved in specialty building work such as an extension, new build home, loft conversion, renovation and refurbishment. Some developers will become involved in building several homes across a large area and will

If you are a business in Vanuatu, and want to avoid problems legally and financially, you need to rely on the business services of accountants and business advisors. Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean and comprises an 80

Unfortunately in this modern world debt is often the way of life for many consumers and citizens. The debt can be so overwhelming for some that bankruptcy appears to be the only option. However because it can have such a

History of the Cheque

The solid old cheque, we were all given a chequebook when we first opened a bank account in our name, and although it is coming to the end of its widespread use, it has been an important staple of the

One of the worst things that can ever happen to a thriving business is an unforeseen challenge that can result to bankruptcy. A sad fact of the matter, business bankruptcies have been the forefront of news channels all over the

Financial problems will affect your quality of life in many aspects. You will feel mentally troubled and shattered if you are in a dad financial state. It will imbalance your normal rhythm of life and will by breaking your personal

When a person goes for a business or investment he or she must have complete knowledge about investing and associated activities and conditions related to it. In such a situation, Bankruptcy is one of the most common term one comes

A variety of choices are applicable to individuals whose debt has spiralled out of control. They might think about a debt consolidation scheme – e.g. an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (a.k.a. IVA) – or they may just wish to file for

Your small business can avoid a bankruptcy filing. In fact, you MUST avoid a filing. Unless your firm has an extra $100,000 in cash, it is almost impossible for a small business to survive bankruptcy. The legal fees are at