How to Avoid Bankruptcy


Unfortunately in this modern world debt is often the way of life for many consumers and citizens. The debt can be so overwhelming for some that bankruptcy appears to be the only option. However because it can have such a terribly devastating effect on your credit score, seeking other alternatives before filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is best. Even though these options take a longer amount of time, sometimes it’s best to think long term when it comes to your credit score. Getting rid of debt is never easy but often times it’s more doable than you think!

Here’s a tip you probably never thought of – ask your creditors to help you avoid having to file for bankruptcy! Let your creditors know that you’re having real financial difficulty and that you want to avoid having to file for bankruptcy. Creditors would rather have some money from you than none at all! Letting them know that your finances are in disarray may not seem like a great idea but they’ll want you to avoid filing for bankruptcy just as much as you want to avoid it. Expressing your willingness to pay off your debts and see if they can help you ease the burdens of financial distress by lowering your monthly payment, decreasing your interest rate, or both! Many banks, credit card companies, and debt collectors have hardship problems intended for situations just like the one you’re in.

Sometimes you might not have luck dealing with the creditors on your own, it might be time to enlist some professional help. Finding a consumer credit counselor who has a vast variety of experiences with creditors is a great way to get the most for your money. Consumer credit counselors are great at helping reduce payments and interest rates.

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