Investment or Business Formation Residency Programs

Business Formation Residency Programs

If you have money and want to live in another country, you can bypass many immigration laws by making contributions to certain charities or starting businesses that will lead to employing citizens. Even some of the hardest countries to immigrate to will accept monetary investments and allow you residency in their country. Here are some of the countries you may wish to immigrate to if you have the funds to do so.


If you want to move to North America, Mexico has several ways to immigrate through purchasing real estate or through other citizenship by investment programs. Some of their programs can be bought into for less than 68,000 pounds, or you can purchase real estate, like a five-star hotel or resort or a beachfront villa starting at just over 100,000 pounds. One of the main advantages of this program is visa-free access to over 133 countries, including the UK and the Schengen countries of the EU, like Austria, Belgium, Norway, and over 23 other countries.


For an investment in real estate of at least 500,000 Euros, you can move to Portugal and enjoy several benefits. You only have to stay in the country for only seven days in the first year and 14 days each of the next two years and, as long as you don’t stay over 180 days in Portugal, you will not be taxed unless it is a small property tax. Your entire family can earn EU residency under this program, and you can apply for permanent residency after only six years.

citizenship by investment

United States

The United States can be a difficult place to immigrate to unless you are capable of making serious investments in the country. The EB-5 Investor Program allows people who want a Green card or permanent residency to invest at least 337,000 pounds in a commercial business in a rural area of the country that will employ at least 10 people. However, if you prefer a more urban area, you can make an investment in a city of at least 674,000 pounds. One catch is that you have to have an active role in the management of the company you started.


If you make investments geared to business formation and job creation, you can earn a Belgian residency within five years of investing at least 40,000 Euros in the country. You don’t have to spend any time in Belgium with this program, and you can travel visa free to other European countries. Also, there are no restrictions on dual citizenship, unless you are coming from countries such as Pakistan. Most of the money you put into the Belgium program will be used to set up and start your company rather than an investment.

There are many other countries that will allow you to invest, start a company, or even contribute to a charity to become a resident or at least have a residency visa. An investment advisor can help you select a country based on the amount you wish to invest or contribute.