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Every day new technologies and services are trying to make people’s life easier and more comfortable especially in the time of difficulties like the pandemic of Covid-19. In this case, so many companies and brands are trying to update their services, or actually in recent years, some new ideas came into this sphere and changed the image and view of electronic services. Definitely, people are aware of so many different options and methods that are available nowadays especially in the case of financial transactions and electronic payments. However, in this article, we want to introduce “Monese”, as one of the new ideas in this sphere and how this service today made life easier for so many users.

The Story of Monese

Shortly to say, Monese is a simple idea of one Estonian citizen, Norris Koppel, that actually moved to the UK. However, the idea came to him when he could not open and use bank accounts in the UK because he didn’t have a credit history in the UK and also he could not provide local proof of address. So he made an idea and created a banking service that the customer’s residency or lack of credit history is not important. Money idea was completed in 2015 and so many investors like Spotify supported this project. However, in the next few years, the list of investors and supporters of Monese increased, and today this service is available as one of the most significant and active online electronic methods of payment and financial management.

Money Mobile App & Features

Money as one UK company, available for transferring money in place of traditional banks. Today this service is active in most countries especially European countries, with the possibility of transferring money in so many different currencies. For using this service, users need to install the mobile app of Monese on their device, and then they can enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of this service. Monese is one of the UK’s fastest Payments networks that allow users to do transactions without any additional fees. The main feature of this service is that it is easy to use the mobile app, clear and not complicated; Users can manage their money and set the weekly or monthly budgets, and track their transactions. Monese believes that everyone should have access to financial services and because of that, they are offering mobile money accounts as easily as possible. Today users can also link their Avios and PayPal accounts to keep track of money, balance, points, and transactions all in one place.


The main idea of Monese, as we can observe, is to make life more easy for users especially in the sphere of financial management and money transactions. Nevertheless, Monese app, not just easy to use but also it is showing how the service is fast, secure, and also contactless in every case. However this service is new and still in progress, but we can see the bright future for this integrated service.