Things to know before picking the best health insurance plan

health insurance plan

Buying a health insurance plan can be confusing and intimidating for newbies in the industry who are not well-versed with the market norms. The best health insurance plan is the one with maximum coverages, additional perks and a well-spread network of hospitals. With the increasing market competition and several insurance companies, customers get greater exposure. So, how to pick the best health insurance plan out of all? To have a look at the leading health policies, visit And to know how to identify the most suitable one out of them, here are a few common tips to follow.

Varieties of Health Insurance Plans in India

There are several types of health insurance plans available in India to serve the needs of people. Depending upon the monthly budget constraint and health requirements, one can choose the best one out of them.

Family Health Insurance Plans

Family health insurance plans are comprehensive policies covering health needs and requirements of every member of a family. The sum insured is exhaustible jointly, and one can avail the “one premium multiple” coverage benefits. Daycare procedure coverages, limited waiting period, broader age limit and annual health check-ups are a few of the significant gains.

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Individual health insurance plans are available at comparatively lower premium rates. Available in primary to comprehensive types of plans, these plans perfectly cover the health needs of the insured. The waiting period of these plans is standard given the age limit on these plans is much subdued than the family insurance plans. So, one must give a check to the terms of the available to choose the best health insurance plan.

Critical Illness Health Insurance Plans

This plan is specifically designed for people suffering from a critical illness. The waiting period is the lowest of all, and one can customise the plan as per the disease type and requirements. Since the medical treatment of severe diseases is too expensive, it is an economical choice to buy this plan earlier.

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plans

Senior citizen health insurance plans are uniquely designed to meet the health requirements of older people. Annual health check-ups, pre-existing health coverages, etc., are a few of the benefits that help seniors in keeping track of their health conditions.

Top-Up and Disease-Specific Health Insurance Plans

Top-up plans are available to boost the benefits and coverages of the existing plans. Also, some leading companies offer disease-specific health insurance plans to offer full treatment coverage to patients suffering from a critical illness.

Popular Coverages and Additional Benefits

  • Pre and post hospitalisation costs, ambulance charges, daycare procedures, room rent, annual health check-ups, etc., are a few of the common coverages.
  • Comprehensive plans include pre-existing illness, organ donor coverage, reproductive treatment coverage, value-added wellness benefits and coverages. One can also use these additional benefits as add-on coverages to uplift the quality of the best health insurance plan.
  • Other perks of buying a health insurance plan include no-claim bonuses, a percentage increase in the sum insured, cashless claim facility within 24 hours, and so on. These benefits depend upon the type of plan one chooses. Therefore, it is always better to compare all the available options before finalising the best one out!

Now that the types and features of this type of plans are abreast and known, it will be easier to find the best health insurance plan. The definition of the best depends upon the health requirements of the buyer. However, one should make a careful comparison. All one has to do is find the plan that meets the required parameters and fits in the budget too!