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Property development mortgages are taken out by developers involved in specialty building work such as an extension, new build home, loft conversion, renovation and refurbishment. Some developers will become involved in building several homes across a large area and will

Whether you’ve been the owner/manager of your own business for several years or you’ve just opened the doors to your new company, you should consider handing one or two key tasks to a professional accountant and tax specialist. Many owners

A bridging loan is a short-term funding option that can be used to take care of pressing home-related issues, especially to bridge the gap between an available line of credit and an incoming debt. In simple words, a bridging loan

There are many tools you can use to invest money for the future, and the right financial advisor or bank can help you decide which ones are best for your needs. Preparing for retirement can be complex, but once you

If you are a business in Vanuatu, and want to avoid problems legally and financially, you need to rely on the business services of accountants and business advisors. Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean and comprises an 80

If you are a budding entrepreneur who needs funding, or perhaps your business is experiencing lean times, and you need a sudden injection of cash, there are online business loan providers who not only understand the needs of a small

There is truth to the saying that nothing is certain. Even those who have enjoyed consistent employment for many years, even decades, may one day find that they’re without the jobs they’ve always relied on to provide regular income. There

Unsecured personal loans are really blessing for those loan aspirants who are unable to provide security against loan amount. In these loans there is no need to pledge the documents of home, car, real estate etc as these are unsecured

Anyone who knows what the term “business plan” suggest knows that it is basically any document that will be utilised to define designs and plans for a new business start-up or the expansion of a current one. This document describes

Insurance that is designed to protect the lender in case you default on your loan is important to get, and in fact, it is often required by the banks when you owe a certain amount on your loan. This type