You NEVER want to be the subject of a Tax Investigation – EVER

Tax Investigation

Tax investigations happen all the time, and this can cause great stress to whoever is being investigated if it is their first time. The police and other authorities will scrutinise you, and if you are not careful, you could be charged with real or mislead unlawful acts. This is why it is important to, firstly, acquire the necessary knowledge and tread cautiously while being investigated so that your rights can be protected and a better outcome can be reached. If you happen to be in that situation, there are several things to bear in mind.

You NEVER want to be the subject of a Tax Investigation – EVER
Stay calm

Although this may be difficult at first, it is vital that you keep a clear mind and focus on what needs to be done first. If you are being investigated, then the first step you should take is to find a good lawyer who specialises in this field, and you must do this sooner rather than later.

Take your time

Investigations are a lengthy process and sometimes don’t even get fully resolved. This could be an advantage if you have been accused, and it is important to note that prosecutors have to charge someone within a time limit set by the law. While the investigation is under way, it may be worthwhile to look into other avenues and see whether the conflict or wrongdoing can be resolved by negotiations. This may be, in the long run, the best solution.

Remember that the people carrying out the investigation may want to trick you rather than help you

Be aware that, sometimes, people can speak too soon and, as a result, may put their defence at risk. Prepare what you are going to say carefully, to whom and when. Members of authority will ask for written statements, and again, beware of writing too soon in case it may unduly implicate you in the future.

Question everything

When put under pressure by authorities, it may be tempting to answer all their queries, but remember to do the questioning, too, and don’t let the authorities cleverly bully you. If you are unsure about what to do, then ask to speak to your legal representative before signing any documents. The more questions you’ll ask, the more informed you will be.

Find out who is involved in the investigation

Investigations are a complicated process, and authorities may dig into many areas. It is quite possible that members of your family and friends can be part of the investigation, too, so insist on finding out all the facts. At the beginning, don’t be afraid to do the questioning, and if you don’t get a clear response, then you can end the interview and request that it is held at a later stage or after you have consulted with your legal representative.